EL GHERIANY Engineering Services

1981 Established for repairing &maintenance of marine engineering equipment as main engines, diesel gen sets, marine pumps. Our clients were MOBILOIL-,Egyptian NAVY , & MISER GULF Offshore

1982 we start hydraulic repairs, by repairing the steering system of navy destroyer, towing winch of mv.ghareb- miser gulf ,at the end 1982 we met HUGLLAND CRANES, during the commissioning of the cranes of MV/ABORDEES, Alexshipyard .Mr,elgheriany the owner of the company ,received his basic cores in hydraulic 1984 in HUGLLANDS,SWEEDEN.

1984 Elgheriany Engineering Services focused on hydraulic repairs .The hydraulic activities extended to CPP,Bow thrusters beside hydraulic deck cranes and hydraulic deck winches. Hydraulic clutches and gear boxes for main propulsion.

2002 the company added new activity, i.e. hatch cover tightness testing using ultrasonic SHERLOG.We have well trained and certified person .SDT certificate.

2003 the company rearrange the management system to the ISO 9001,then to ISO 9001-2000,and it is now ISO 9001-2008

2009 the company rebuilt the first off shaor crane on jack up platform ADMARINE II owned by ADES.